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wallmartlouis said: so i was wondering... what type of person was james when he fought with someone? was he the type of person that would scream a lot or was he kind of calm?


well there is a quote from Barbara Glenn where she said, “We had a lot of fights. I was very emotional. I cried and screamed a lot back then. But Jimmy never screamed back. The hardest thing for Jimmy to do was to be angry.” I mean I’m sure he had times when he would get fed up and yell… but I think for the most part he was the kind of person who held it all in (and then used acting as a way to deal with his emotions, you know?).

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James Dean photographed by Richard C. Miller, 1955.

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James Dean and Louis Jourdan in the Broadway play “The Immoralist”, 1954.

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Anonymous said: Do you think Jimmy was really rebellious or it was just the way he was ? He was a special person with a unusual personality, so what do you think explains the way he was ?



He was not really rebellious the way the movie depicted him to be. He was definitely unusual but a kind soul, loved animals, children and old people. He wasn’t aggressive. He was also shy and quite an intellect.

This is extremely important.