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Anonymous said: Do you think Jimmy was really rebellious or it was just the way he was ? He was a special person with a unusual personality, so what do you think explains the way he was ?



He was not really rebellious the way the movie depicted him to be. He was definitely unusual but a kind soul, loved animals, children and old people. He wasn’t aggressive. He was also shy and quite an intellect.

This is extremely important.

elizabethsdean said: I do the edits on my phone, not on photoshop. I use an app called picsart. So first, to get the hearts and flower crowns and stuff, I just save them to my camera roll from tumblr. Then, I go to Picsart, click edit, choose the photo j am editing, then on the bottom scroll to add photo and click that. Then you just add all the transparent flowers and hearts and words that you saved to the photo, position them, resize them, and you're done! (I hope this makes sense)

Thanks doll ! ☺️ I’m been wanting to edit some photos for queue because I haven’t had the time to blog so, I’m gonna go do that lol xx

elizabethsdean said: I'm so sad I haven't discovered your blog sooner because it's absolute gold and if you ever want to talk about Jimmy my inbox is open ❤️❤️

thankyousomuch darling!! I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and I am in love with it! Your posts are really wonderful ☺️ you too can feel free to talk to me whenever you want hun xx

Anonymous said: one day, Jim's glasses got broken, and since he had a really bad eyesight, he asked you to come closer whenever he wanted to see your face, which was all the time, and you always ended up kissing


okay I really can’t handle this WERE HIS EYES ALL SQUINTY AND CUTE and did we go to the eye doctor to get new glasses




If you’re ever having a bad day, just remember James Dean’s front teeth were fake and he’d take them out and put them in people’s drinking glasses as a joke.

James Dean Television Appearances



Television Appearances:

Something for an Empty Briefcase
   2    3

Bells of Cockaigne

A Long Time Till Dawn

The Big Story

The Unlighted Road
1   2   3

The Dark, Dark Hours
1   2   3

Tales of Tomorrow: The Evil Within

The Thief

I’m A Fool

Studio One: Sentence of Death


Trouble With Father (appearance)

Warner Bros. Presents (Last Interview)/(Rebel on set)

James Dean photographed by Dennis Stock in his NYC apartment.

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